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Powell K-8 Academy for Success

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    Principal Ty Smith
    Ty Smith

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    Let me begin by officially saying, WELCOME BACK! I hope that summer was a blast & that your time was spent doing something fun. This summer, we had the opportunity to spend time with some of our middle school students in our SEAL (Summer Enrichment And Learning)Program, which kept our minds engaged & we managed to fit in some fun as well. This year, we plan to continue to engage students in growing academically, socially, and emotionally. Our goal is meet students where they are and provide them with the resources and tools that they need to be successful in school and beyond.

    As a staff, we are committed to you, your students, and the community. We value your participation and feedback as we actively pursue improving Colin Powell in all areas. Our teachers continuously analyze academic data and utilize best practices to determine skill levels and to set goals for growth and improvement. I am excited about this school year, as I am anticipating great things from our students & families.

    Our Powell family is growing & changing. I would like to welcome our new faculty members: Savannah Thomason (5th Grade), Hannah Barkett (PE/Science), Brian Aguilar (ELA), Veronica Rojero (Community Liaison), Rachel Tallant (Nurse), Jose Garibay (Instructional Aide), Delia Medina (WRAP Director), Nancy Perez (School Age Care Coordinating Teacher). Also, we are adding two new spaces to our campus. The Eagle’s Nest, which is located near the main office, is a space where students can deescalate & reset when needed, and Powell Place is our game room where students can socialize and play games with their peers during lunch recess.

    I am privileged to serve as the principal of Colin Powell Academy and honored to be a part of a community where parents, teachers, and students care for each other and strive to maintain positive relationships that support growth.

    Once again welcome back, let’s make this a great year together.


    Ty Smith, Principal

    Parent Corner

    Mission: Our mission at Colin Powell is to support the personal & intellectual success of EVERY student, EVERY day

    Vision: At Colin Powell, we will create & cultivate an environment where students can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. Our goal is to prepare our students to be lifelong learners, equipped with 21st century skills. 

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